Faithful Servant Books

There have been many bookstores of the Christian persuasion open and close in the Greater Moncton Area over the last few decades. One that comes to mind was “La Bonne Nouvelle” located on St. George Street here in Moncton founded by evangelist Henri Lanctin . LBN survived for approximately 75 years until its unfortunate demise on June 20, 2009 mainly due to the rise of online book companies came the decline of purchasing books from local distributors all across Canada including Moncton.

On May 5th, 2012, after several years without a local Christian bookstore, a new face to the Christian literature industry here in Moncton finally made its debut in Riverview. Located at 26 Trites Road, Faithful Servant Books is a long awaited blessing to Christians located in the area.  The store is managed by Mr. Mike Steeves and owned by local business entrepreneur Mr. David Ford. I am thankful that the ability to purchase good Christian Literature right here in the city has finally dawned.

I have visited the bookstore on a few occasions and I was very impressed with the selection available to the public. FSB has a vast collection of bibles, theological books, history, reference volumes and much more. The store also carries DVD’s, Christian music, children’s books and many gifts. The service is top notch and they are able to order books that are not carried on site. What I was most impressed with was that they carried a large selection of used books which are virtually like new and very well priced.

If you have yet to visit the Faithful Servant Books, might I suggest dropping by and taking a look at their fine assortment of fine Christian literature.

It was about time!


One thought on “Faithful Servant Books

  1. I will add my agreement to this posting. The other great advantage to this Christian book store is the knowledge of books and authors that Mike Steeves brings with him.

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