Ed Young & His Comedic Warning Against Reformed Theology

This video by Ed Young jr.  has been the greatest means of comic relief that I have experienced in quite awhile. Those of us who are Calvinistic in our theology or those who are not but understand the underlining theology behind Calvinism can do nothing but two things: laugh or shake your head in disbelief. I have never heard the terms “skinny jeans, v-neck shirts and sexy” in the same sentence as “Calvinism” before so this has been a completely new experience for me. There has already been a response to the video and I’m sure far more are on their way. One portion that left me appalled was when Mr. Young had the audacity to say that because a church only baptized 26 people (in comparison to the  2600+ his church baptized last year) that they were not doing evangelism. I would rather see 26 Christians baptized who have a genuine conversion and will be effective in their churches than 2600 people who fall off the planet because their salvation consisted merely of a mental assent by signing a card or raising their hand.


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