The Weekend Question: Bible Translations

The Bible is tremendous book that continues to captivate God’s people and be the very voice of God on earth for His people. The belief that God spoke (Matt. 22:39)through the page of scripture is a foundational belief for those who call themselves Christians.  The bible was written in three languages (Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek) and preserved in several different languages through copies of the said languages. In recent times the bible has been preserved for us in the english language as well. What has been quite unique in regards to this particular language is the publication of many different translations. The number of translations in the english language is astounding and we are very fortunate in our generation to have so many at our disposal. There are some very reputable translations available but there are unfortunately many that are simply a loose translation or that have a preconceived theology behind the translation.

One translation that has been popular for centuries now is the beloved King James Version.  It has been the bible translation most used in the english language and  has undoubtedly stood the test of time. There are those who would argue that God has preserved without question His precious word in the english language with this translations. There are others who see the beauty and accuracy of this translation while appreciating other translations as well. A debate has surfaced in churches on which translation should be used for preaching and teaching.  Some would hold to the ideal that only the King James Bible is fit for preaching or teaching and should be considered God’s word while others feel that there are many reputable translations which are fine translations and it is up to the christian to choose his prefered translation.

The questions we are addressing this weekend is: Should we be preaching from the King James Only or should the christian have the liberty to use different translations such as the NASB, NKJV or the ESV ? Does your church preach solely from the KJV or does it allow for multiple translations?


3 thoughts on “The Weekend Question: Bible Translations

  1. All the translations you mentioned are good. However, in the pulpit everyone should be reading from The same
    translation and that would be the one chosen by the local church body. I think also if some would prefer the KJV on the pulpit why cause a controversy.

  2. I appreciate your thoughts regarding one translation being read from the pulpit since it demonstrates the unity of a gathering however I have learned the hard way that most who say they “prefer” the KJV generally tend to be fundamentalist and it is a non-negotiable. It is generally those more open to multi-translations that are unfortunately forced to compromise on this issue.

  3. I think the KJ bible has proven itself through time and it’s what I use. I was raised in it and still read it everyday. As far as its exclusivity at the expense of other versions, I think that’s going too far. I have even used the Message at times and it has been a big help.

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