Gossip & The United Church

I have had the opportunity to deal with the issue of gossip at my workplace over the last few years. I was responsible for creating a program to try to divert and reduce gossip within the company that employees me and it was a fantastic opportunity to see some wonderful results regarding this issue. I understand the effects of gossip and the advantages of reducing it.

Today, I came across this article and quite honestly I had to shake my head in disbelief. The United Church is going to be looking to curb gossip from its churches. Dont’ get me wrong, I believe this is a good thing but are they seriously trying to tell me that this was the most important topic their general council had to discuss and make it its focal point? Are they telling me that, with all that is going on in the world and the issues that Christians are facing today in regards to persecution, theology and ethics, that they are focusing on how to get its congregations to stop gossiping?

I understand that the United Churches are foundationally liberal and that these types of issues seem to be their focual point. This is why I run the other way when I see “united” on any church. There is such a disassociation from real christian issues throughout, not only our land, but in places throughout the world where people are suffering and dying for the sake of Christ. There are serious subjects that could have been addressed that are far more pressing than gossiping. Give a sermon on the subject but please move on to more pressing things!


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