Saving Faith

There has been much discussion about what saving faith entails. I think the centrality of this discussion makes it worthy of much thought and deep reflexion. It is not a faith that stems from the will of a corrupt and dead sinner but a divine faith which breaks through the rebellious nature of man. It is a faith that changes the very core of a person’s will so as to have them, not only believe on the Lord Jesus, but to live entirely for the Lord Jesus and die to our own selfish desires. It is a faith that utterly blows away everything we understand in our worldly, self-centered, self-righteous and self-gratifying life. It is a faith that makes us cling entirely to Christ as our all and everything and to let go of Him would simply be unnatural. I pray that we remember this type of faith that comes through the regenerating power of the Spirit of God alone when we proclaim the gospel of His glorious grace to the world around us.



One thought on “Saving Faith

  1. Very nicely defined. Many see our own faith having a part in our regeneration, our faith is very weak to depend on for eternity. What a security to know regenerating faith is a gift from God.

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