The Wife of Jesus Manuscript

Most folks who read any news source has heard of the newest discovery over the last few days of a new manuscript that proves that some of Jesus’ followers believed that He had been married. The manuscript is being promoted by Karen King who makes some big $$$ with her gnostic gospel conspiracy theories. It is presented as some new found information that we never knew and now sheds some light on how Jesus’ followers were torn about this issue. Seriously? It is always sad to see how people in the secular news media are just so desperate for a spicy, a la Davinci Code, story that they wouldn’t check historical facts. This “debate” is nothing new and has been refuted over and over again. They don’t seem to know the difference between the more orthodox manuscripts that we have and the gnostics which were meant to muddy the christian faith. They seem to apply the same weight to both and just turn Christianity into some historical agnosticism and hence ignoring the faith altogether.

I found this article dealing with the authenticity of the found manuscript. I thought it would be an interesting read since we all know that we are going to hear about it, at least for awhile. It seems most within the coptological community  at the International Association of  Coptic studies are considering this document to be a fake. So, alas, we have another attempt at blowing smoke on the authenticity of the gospels and the Christian faith refuted…until the next one comes along!


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