I’m Spiritual but Not Religious

I saw this article yesterday while going through my daily online reading. I’m generally in complete disaccord with CNN and their liberal left-wing “faith blog” but in this instance I was quite impressed by the author’s points. I had never heard of Alan Miller but he is seemingly a part of many different organizations including the New York Salon .

The article is titled “My take: I’m spiritual but not religious” is a cop-out” and it appeared earlier on today on the blog. Miller deals with this new fangled ideology where people want to be “spiritual” without associating with anything that is organized or embracing any “religion”.  He writes:

That attitude fits with the message we are receiving more and more that “feeling” something somehow is more pure and perhaps, more “true” than having to fit in with the doctrine, practices, rules and observations of a formal institution that are handed down to us.

Miller explains very well the modern day spiritualist who basically has a shopping cart full of different beliefs systems and never commits to any one of them.  As Miller puts it:

Theirs is a world of fence-sitting, not-knowingess, but not-trying-ness either.

They are, in essence, spiritual agnostics who basically have no affiliation with anything and they don’t go to bat for their beliefs because it means discomfort. They generally have a mixture of faiths and practice each one without any idea of the sheer contrast of ideas that these faiths have. I guess when you learn these faiths on a surface level basis, you could pull this off. I know in our culture that this is the popular stance to take but this is why our culture is in decay due to the fact that nobody is willing to stand for anything. This will be the demise of our society.

There are many Christians who fall into this category as well. How many times have I met the man who is home by himself all the time with his bible but would never dare step into a church even when he reads “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another,” (Hebrews 10:25) He is against anything organized and he is much happier playing the Lone Ranger Christian by himself. Why? Oftentimes its because he can pick and choose what he wants to believe and what he doesn’t without anyone holding him accountable. Many would rather just not know. I have seen people travel from church to church, visiting Baptists, Mormons, Catholics all the while calling them “Christian” and enjoying their faiths. What a cop-out!


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