Happy Reformation Day

We all know that you can ask the average person in Moncton or anywhere else about the significance of the date October 31 and the answer you’ll get from most people would be that the date is associated with “Halloween”. What is unfortunate is that the christians would answer in the same manner as the non-believers. I myself would associate October 31 with something else. You see when I think of October 31 I am taken back to October 31, 1517. To anyone who is considered a “Protestant” or simply knows anything about history then they understand that this is a very important date! This was the date that a young German monk by the name of Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of a church in Wittenburg Germany which created one of the biggest religious firestorms in history. It would be the beginning of events that would lead to what is called the protestant reformation. The protestant reformation is so significant that one historian stated that “next to the introduction of Christianity, it is the greatest event in history” (Philip Schaff) This reformation rediscovered many beautiful and fundamental biblical truths that I hold to today and I am left in awe at how God worked in bringing them to the world and finally to me.

It was a time when the Roman Catholic Church was the predominant representative of Christianity and with that it was a time when the church was full of corruption and abuses. These abuses and corruptions came in many forms and people were oppressed spiritually. It was this man, Martin Luther and others who were like-minded who were labouring against these theological abuses that were against the average individual. They understood how men could use “religion” for their own gain and these were the things they were fighting against.

I am thankful for men such as Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin and many others who sought to make scripture alone the centrality of the life of a Christian and to bring back biblical theology at the forefront of Christianity.

To all, a happy Reformation Day!


One thought on “Happy Reformation Day

  1. Happy Reformation day to you as well. Just finished listening to a short video by John Piper showing where John Calvin had preached. On this video he brought to our attention what the culture was in those times and how these reformers suffered. One thing that imprinted on my mind is when Mr. Piper asked the question, “How would you feel if you received a letter stating one of the young men you had disciples had been burned alive.”
    As Christians we need to remember what these men of God suffered so that we could enjoy the written Word of God. The question I asked myself, “How important is this Word of God to me?”

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