A Message for the Moncton Main Street Tracters

I was walking on Main Street here in Moncton yesterday to purchase my routine daily coffee at Timothy’s and on my way there I passed by some younger folks passing out cards to people. These were not ordinary cards they were distributing but gospel tracts in the form of a small business card. I watched for a few seconds to see the reaction of people who were being offered these cards and it was your typical “no thanks” or they’d toss the card aside once they saw the cover attitude. There were a few individuals who took the card and walked away so we should pray for these people so that they the gospel might enlighten them. We should also pray for these individuals passing out the cards as well.

I picked one up and brought it with me to see what exactly it said. To be quite honest, it was a good presentation of the gospel with the mention of sin, repentance, faith, Christ, the atonement ect. These folks who were passing out these tracts should be commended for doing so. I appreciate people who are willing to put themselves out there for their faith amid the abuse and indifference. I can’t say I have ever stood on a street corner to pass out tracts in a busy area but having passed them out door to door was quite an experience to say the least.

One thing about the tract that I found a bit unfortunate and I hope that those who were passing them out might read my humble recommendation. There was a website for further information on the tract so I thought I’d see what they had as a follow up for those who would be interested in learning more about the gospel. The website had a section to better explain the gospel which was fantastic and another called “find a church” as well as other links. To be quite honest, all the information was based out of the United States. If I wanted to find a church or contact anyone of these individuals passing out these tracts to learn more, I would have been hard pressed. I found nothing relating even to Canada let alone the Greater Moncton area. I unfortunately have no idea who these people were or which church they are a part of. My suggestion to these young folks is to have at least a local email address on the tract where a person can request more information or materials. I would have liked to have contacted them to commend them on their work or find out more about their church but this seems almost impossible. I know I could have simply walked up to them to talk with them but as my colleagues at work know, break time is pretty short and getting a coffee can eat up your break pretty quick. Again, please pray for these young people and if I see them again, I will certainly approach them to ask more details and post them here.


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