300px-Jacob_Wrestling_with_the_AngelGenerally whenever I want to recommend a blog post or an article I prefer using Twitter since it is far easier to post these types of recommendations. With that said, I read a post today from Steve Hays at Triablogue that I found exceptionally important and I thought I would actually post it here. The post is on the topic of Christophanies especially in light of the usage of the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament. I have found the study of Christophanies extremely useful in my defense of the Deity of Christ and in an all around study of Christology. I enjoyed the fact that Mr. Hays interacts with some leading commentaries in regards to the identiy of the Angel of the Lord in the OT. I hope that perhaps it will peak the interest of one of my readers for further study on this extremely important topic. I highly recommend taking the time to read through what he has to say.

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