Reading in 2013

I am aware of many individuals who struggle with reading through their bibles on a yearly basis. Some feel the commitment to such a task a bit daunting while others have a desire to commit to a daily bible reading yet do not know where to start. I cannot begin to stress the importance of committing to a daily bible reading since it is the food we require to persevere on our road to glory. To neglect the daily reading of the word of God is to neglect our spirit from the power it requires to go on. We are surrounded daily by the world hence we need daily to surround ourselves with God’s encouragement consistently. I learned long ago that they best way to accomplish such a task is to firstly commit myself to doing it, secondly to acquire some sort of guide to help me through it and finally just go for it!

While I cannot commit to this for you, I can at least give you a good suggestion for a guide that might help you accomplish this important reading by recommending a good bible reading plan. There are a number is good daily bible reading plans available online. One that I have enjoyed tremendously over the years has been the chronological bible reading plan.  What I love about this plan is that that it keeps a good flow of the events from the bible which allows us to read the bible both with spiritual insight but also with a historical mindset. Sometimes it becomes difficult to put together certain historical events from the scriptures however this plan helps get through some of the confusing historical data. The plan also allows you to read the Psalms in a historical context which I can assure you helps in understanding the meaning of the Psalmists since we can really delve into the historical context of their words.

I don’t want to pile on more on my readers, I believe there should be some time set aside to study theology as well. This may not be for everyone and I completely understand but it is important to be able to explain our beliefs in a concise way. I know many don’t believe this and these are the folks that if you asked them to explain their beliefs that they’d be tongue tied. I enjoy laying out what I’m going to study through the new year prior to January 1. This year my reading will consist of approximately a dozen or so books. My goal is to read through volumes on theological subjects throughout the week and to refresh myself on my apologetics on weekends. People at different areas in their Christian lives will certainly have a far different list than mine. My suggestion to you is to pick at least 3-4 books that you commit yourself to reading this year along with your daily bible reading. Quite honestly, one can do this will little more than giving 1 hour a day to this type of study which is not asking for much. Keep in mind that theology is not only meant to be understood but it is meant to be lived. It is important to seek a way to live your theology in such a way as to show consistency to your biblical worldview.

One important point that you are going to want to remember before engaging in this type of study. There will be times when you will fall off the proverbial wagon. This happens to me all the time. There are times I miss a day’s bible reading or perhaps I get caught up in something where I need to read a different book from those I had decided on at the beginning of the year. Don’t fret! If you miss a day’s bible reading and you can’t find time to catch up, simply move on to where you are supposed to be. Also, if something comes up where you need to read a different book from those you had chosen, allow yourself some flexibility and go ahead with that book. While it’s important to have a plan, we always must allow for set backs.

For those of you who are interested, here are some of the books that I plan on reading in 2013 in case some of you need some suggestions. I have read many of these books in the past however I see nothing wrong with re-reading certain books to keep our theology and apologetics fresh in our minds.


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