A Call for Discernment: A Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith Movement

justin-peters-a-call-for-discernment-dvd-largeI wanted to pick up a gift for the only other family member who would profess to being a Christian. I made a trip to Faithful Servant Books and picked up a DVD for him titled “A Call for Discernment: A Biblical Critique of the Word Faith Movement (Health & Wealthy or Prosperity Gospel). This family member was thoroughly impressed with the content and recommended that I borrow it and view it for myself.

I have been going through the DVD over the last three nights and I was so impressed with the presentation that I felt that it would be worth mentioning here. The DVD is a six hour seminar by a full-time evangelist by the name of Justin Peters  . Mr. Peters’ seminar presents a biblical critique of the teachings of such individuals as Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Jessie Duplantes, Joyce Myers, Joel Osteen, Todd Bentley and many other TBN preachers who make a good living preaching this false gospel.

The DVD begins with a section called “The Duty of Discernment” which Mr. Peters lays the biblical foundation on why we need to address this subject, our duty to discern falsehoods and the need to rebuke these individuals for their sub-biblical doctrines. The second section titled “Dangerous Doctrines” is an expose of some anti-biblical doctrines such as the little god doctrine, their view of covenants and also their anti-biblical view of God, Jesus Christ and man. Mr. Peters gives then a presentation on the stranger side of the Word of Faith Movement which he calls “Mangled Manifestations”. The final portion of the DVD focused mainly of the so-called “healings” which Mr. Peters titled “The Hurt of Healing”.

I appreciated the spirit of humility and love that Mr. Peters manifested in the presentation and his knowledge of the Word of Faith Movement was extensive. I appreciated that he provided ample sources of actual Word of Faith preachers such as quotations, audio clips and even many video clips.

0e638616c47b7278cac536fbf58bcdabI had not spent much time looking at the movement except for reading a book by Robert Bowman called “The Word of Faith Controversy” which I had found very well presented especially delving into the history of the movement. I feel that these two resources together would make for a fantastic introduction to the movement especially for anyone who has to address the teachings of the Prosperity Preachers.

I was really perplexed at what I saw in Mr. Peters’ DVD but I appreciate that the DVD increased my knowledge of this heretical movement.  I had never heard of individuals such as John Crowder and I pray that anyone who watches this man’s videos realizes that this is not Christianity by a long shot.

I found the DVD available on Youtube and thought I would post it here (see below) for all those who might wish to take a look. This is a fantastic resource and I recommend taking a look at his presentation to better equip you when facing these false teachers. You can purchase the DVD at Faithful Servant Books if you are from the Greater Moncton Area or you can order online directly from  Justin Peters’ Website.


One thought on “A Call for Discernment: A Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith Movement

  1. We viewed this video several months ago and found it very informative. The video clips of actual meetings of these preachers certainly made us realize, this movement is one that is false and all believers need to be informed about it. Thank you for posting this.

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