Apologists Lack of Discernment

_0003_ZachariasAfter just a short period of time after becoming a Christian, I became very interested in the world of Christian apologetics. I felt that a great way to learn my faith was to be placed in the position of having to defend it. I began reading books mainly on various false groups that would call themselves “Christian” which included mainly The Watchtower Society, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Seventh-Day Adventists, Christadelphians and many more. This gave me the ability to understand what I believe and why I believe it since I was always forced to examine these beliefs in a critical fashion. I bought a number of books and visited many websites in order to acquire some knowledge of how to rightly defend my faith against defenders of these groups. I still enjoy defending my faith and have an appreciation for those who are serious about contending for the faith that was passed down to us.

I have been saddened recently to be reading more and more of individuals whom I had visited their websites or bought their books associating themselves with questionable characters.  Many of these apologists have ministries where they promoted the idea of better discernment for christians all around. It amazes me the sheer lack of discernment from people who are part of discernment ministires! I was taken back at the lack of thought that was put into these recent news items.

The first mention I will make is Dr. Ravi Zacharias whose books on apologetics have been very useful to me. Zacharias is a brilliant apologist especially within the realm of middle eastern religions. He was recently interviewed by none other than Word of Faith Movement teacher Joyce Myers (See here).  I’m not quite certain what prompted Dr. Zacharias to appear on this false teacher’s show but needless to say I was tremendously disappointed.  Dr. Zacharias is not doing the Christian community any favours seeing that he is giving legitimacy to a false teacher such as Myers.

ankerberg-j-200I was also disillusioned seeing that apologist John Ankerberg, whom I benefited greatly from his resources (except on eschatology),  invited both Emir & Ergun Caner back to his show to speak on Islam. This comes after Ergun Caner was caught red handed embellishing his testimony over several years and outright lying about his upbringing. Ankerberg  doesn’t seem to think that the document, audio and video evidence that has been produced by both Christian sand Muslims carries any weight and continues to harbour this man’s character. What Ankerberg doesn’t seem to realize is that he is being  a serious stumbling block to Caner’s  repentance. Ankerberg’s defence of the Caner invite was lacking and very unfortunate and I pray that he might reconsider his stance in the future.

Ankerberg is not the only one aiding Mr. Caner but a couple of other apologists such as Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes who are men I looked up to in the apologetics world have taken the stance of defence of the character of Mr. Caner. I cannot help but feel that they are so caught up in their apologetic circles that they are even willing to turn a blind eye to truth. This is not the character of a Christian and honestly it opens up a whole world of problems for the Christian character when we don’t stand up to falsehood.

A sad day for apologists everywhere! Please gentlemen, consider these things which you have done!


2 thoughts on “Apologists Lack of Discernment

  1. Another guy that I see associating himself with people I wouldn’t is John Piper. IMHO he should have been given a good talking to for inviting Rick Warren to his conferences. Seems to love controversy since it sells seats to these conferences.

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