Greetings from Montreal

Yes, you read the heading of this post correctly. The Moncton Christian is in Montreal Quebec. I arrived here on Monday and I will be returning to Moncton on Thursday. While I would prefer travelling for pleasure or as a pilgrimage, the truth is that I am travelling in business.

It’s my first time in Montreal and it is very cold. I believe at this very time it is -39 degrees Celsius with the windchill. I usually enjoy visiting a city’s religious sites but it’s far too cold to simply walk around. I have noticed some very large churches in the downtown area one being a Roman Catholic Church and the other a United Church. It’s strange to walk around and not see any reformed churches or even a Baptist church nearby but this is Quebec which boasts of keeping Protestantism outside its walls.

I have had the opportunity to do a little reading in my hotel room. I brought my copy of the Puritan Theology. I enjoyed a chapter called “William Perkins on Predestination” which demonstrates how Perkins held to a high view of Calvinism which he believes held him to a higher piety in his pursuit of holiness. This is quite different than the shallow critiques of Calvinism which state that predestination produces laxness. I particularly enjoyed a quite by a Girolarmo Zanchi on page 131:

God teaches us predestination in His word, and we must not be ashamed of His doctrine but proclaim it with reverence and trust in His wisdom.
This doctrine humbles our pride and magnifies God’s grace for it shows us that we can do nothing to save ourselves – God alone saves sinners.
Faith by nature receives doctrines of God that it cannot see and fully comprehend by human reasoning.
Election comforts and sustains the saints with God’s unchangeable love for them when satan attacks with doubts and accusations
Predestination reveals the infinite glory and sovereignty of the eternal and unchangeable God so that we know Him and worship Him.
Predestination guards the gospel of salvation by grace alone
This doctrine brings us a vibrant vision of God’s special love for His people in Christ Jesus which is the joy of His people and fuel of their love to Him
Predestination moves God’s people to diligent holiness of life.

I hope to be posting a little more consistently when I return to Moncton.


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