Baptist Ecclesiology

union-point-church-005The study of ecclesiology is the study of the church or the assembly. It is the study, for the most part, of how we gather together as an expression of worship where we live out this worship together. The discussion on how we express ourselves as a church and essentially how we do church has faced many disagreements so much so that we see the result of this through the vast number of denominations out there. The study deals with the nature of the church, what is the church, the function of the church, church government and how we worship as a church just to name a few.

There are a number of fantastic volumes written on ecclesiology and many are quite informative. I have been interested in delving a little deeper into the topic but had a tough time finding out which resources I should begin with. I contacted Tom Ascol from the Founders Group who made a recommendation to me that I thought I would share. The book is free online and written by a baptist minister by the name of J.L. Dagg which is part of a larger volume called Manual of Theology. Too access the book, please go here.


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