Making Persecution Known

Be_strong_in_the_Lord_this_world_is_not_our_homeLiving in a North Amercian culture has reflected negatively upon Christianity and its history. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ was built upon a suffering people and the blood of the martyrs and we would be wise to remember the historical data. Nothing short of life under the strong oppression and death has proven how real the person of Jesus Christ is to an individual. While many would see this as fanaticism on the part of the individual, we know that there is more to it than that. People committing suidice bombings and a person being tortured and put to death willingly are two separate things.

Another issue with North American culture is how its media selects what news it wants its readers to know about. I was reading this article today about a Christian neighberhood that was looted and burned in Pakistan by Muslims all because of their blasphemy law which allows the Muslim to make accusations against his “enemy” at will without any fairness to the other side. Again, so much for the religion of peace. Most of us here cannot even fathom the horrors of what it must be like to be a christian under these circumstances. The problem is that most of us don’t even know these situations are going on due to the lack of coverage by the media. There are wonderful websites communicating the persecution of christians throughout the world such as Voices of Martyrs however the secular news agency seems oblivious or unwilling to communicate these things to us.

I believe it is up to us as christians to make others aware of the suffering of our brothers & sisters throughout the world. It is up to us to tell their story to others and to pray for them with all earnestness. It is our duty as christians to help these individuals any way we can. Let us be reminded that one day this persecution will come our way and in ways that will be just as severe. Let us hope we will persevere as they do!

2 thoughts on “Making Persecution Known

  1. Modern day North Americans have no earthly idea what “persecution” is except for taking a tongue lashing from some hot headed “I have my own religion” type. Most NA never lost anything but their pride. Wake up folks, be prepared, tough times might be coming soon.

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