John Piper’s Farewell Sermon

john-piperI saw this blog post over at Justin Taylor’s blog on the Gospel Coalition website. It is a post on the farewell sermon of John Piper which will be preached this evening. Dr. Piper is clearing the way for a new pastor after 33 years of pastoring Bethleem Baptist Church in Minnesota. John Piper has had a tremendous influence on my life. His passion for preaching expositionally the text of scripture with a focus upon the glory of God has been monumental in my walk in Christ. God gave him the ability to express his love for the supremacy of God in all things in a way that can only be described as supernatural. There are times in my life when I needed a swift kick in the pants and I can recollect often how all it took was listening to Dr. Piper to give it to me!  May God continue to bless the work of John Piper that he may continue to glorify Him


2 thoughts on “John Piper’s Farewell Sermon

  1. I can say amen to this! John Piper was used of God in directing my thoughts toward the Sovereignty of God in a way I never saw this before. He has such a passion for God and a humility that touches your heart deeply.

  2. Other than the Rick Warren episode, I would say that he has had a faithful ministry. Pray The Lord continues to bless him.

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