Zimmerman’s Justice & Yours

george-zimmermanI generally attempt to stay away from high profile news items but today I began to think a little about the trial of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was accused of murder after racially profiling a 17 year old African American teenager in a Florida community. Zimmerman had seen Trayvon Martin walking through the gated community and had decided, as a neighberhood watch coordinator, to approach Martin. An altercation then aroused with Zimmerman eventually using his gun to fatally shoot Martin. The trial just finished last week with Zimmerman being exonerated from all charges. There are numerous protests going on in the United States regarding what many are calling an injustice. These protesters are demanding justice for Trayvon! Quite honestly, I didn’t follow the trial closely enough to give an opinion and I  only heard the verdict the day after it was pronounced.

As a Christian, I can’t help but feel that this event was a travesty since, in the end, nobody wins. A young man with his whole life in front of him has passed on into eternity, his parents will grieve their son for the rest of their lives and Mr. Zimmerman will probably never be able to show his face in public again. There is no question that these lives will never be the same. It is certainly a matter of prayer for christians!

One other thought that went through my mind when the verdict was read was “did he do it?” The evidence presented to the jury was seemingly not strong enough to convict and hence due to the law that states that Mr. Zimmerman would have to be convicted beyond a reasonable doubt, Mr. Zimmerman is a free man. But, did he do it? What were Zimmerman’s intentions prior to approaching Martin? Did he profile this young teenage man and start an altercation with him with the final result being that Zimmerman pulls a gun a shoots Martin dead? Was it Martin who attacked Zimmerman and was shot in self defence? What if the former is true? If the former is true then Mr. Zimmerman got away with the murder of a young african american man. The laws of the land state that this man will never be tried again for the same crime so, Zimmerman is free!

Let’s place another scenario before us, what if Zimmerman, on his death bed, decides one day to tell the truth about that terrible day when a life was taken. What if Zimmerman confessed to that he had shot Martin simply because he was an african american a few minutes prior to his death and laughed hysterically that he got away with it! Where’s the justice? You see, if the worldview of Atheists and other non-christians are correct in their views of natural materialism, than this would mean that truly there was injustice. If all there is to our existence dwells in this life then injustice truly exists. Many evil men in history will have gotten away with their crimes and men will have suffered and died for absolutely nothing. Yes, some have even confessed to their crimes on their deathbeds.

What if, however, the christian worldview is true? What if there will one day be a great trial that the world has never seen before with a judge who will need no evidence presented since He has seen all things? There is nobody who can cover up what they did because everything will be made plain for the eye to see? That day the truth of what happened that night on February 26, 2012 between young Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman will be made perfectly apparent . While there are many uncertainties in most trials, this trial will be swift and certain!For those who have suffered as the hands of injustice, there will finally be a peace whereas men will need to deal with their crimes once and for all. This is true justice!

What about our own crimes? What about those crimes that we think nobody will ever know about? All men will be judged that day for crimes against each other but also for crimes against God. For those who have broken His law, this will be a day of reckoning for them and all men will be held accountable to Him (Romans 3:10-21). There are those who will not come under this judgment (John 5:24), not because they are not criminals but because the penalty and sentence that was required has been paid in full by Jesus Christ.


One thought on “Zimmerman’s Justice & Yours

  1. Very well put! Surely those who read this will think about the what if’s.
    Love the new look of your blog. Keep up the good work.

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