The Weekend Question: The Antichrist

When I had originally began this blog I had been posting a series of posts called “The Weekend Question” where I wanted to hear the opinion from my readers as well as strike some discussion on various biblical topics. I thought that I would begin this again. Please feel free to take the poll and leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate on your answer.

The study of the issues surrounding the Antichrist has had a serious impact on the church especially in regards to our expectations of the return of Christ (and rightfully so). Although there have been more conspiracy theories developed due to the fascination of the this study, there are a few positions that are scripturally argued as to who or what is meant by “the antichrist”. I quote Sam Storms:

There is hardly a more fascinating and controversial topic in eschatology than that of the Antichrist. Is the Antichrist the same as the beast of Revelation? Is there more than one Antichrist? Is he a figure of the past history or the future? Is the Antichrist a person or a power or a movement, or some combination of all? (Kingdom Come P. 475)

What are your thoughts on this topic?


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