Website Mentions

I have been a bit less fluent in my posting especially in the last couple of weeks. The reason that I have regrettably been almost non-existent on the blogosphere is due to a couple of other projects that I have been working on. I thought it worthy of mentioning these and perhaps asking for your prayers that the Lord may make both these endeavours fruitful.

The first project that I undertook was to create a website mainly for resources purposes for Christians who are francophone in the Greater Moncton Area. What brought this about was a discussion I had with a very dear brother on the life of Henri Lanctin. Mr. Lanctin had created a sort of evangelistic movement here in the Maritimes (and elsewhere) with the establishment of La Bonne Nouvelle which was a bookstore in the area as well as a French Baptist Church. Unfortunately the bookstore has closed and it seems the French Baptist church is struggling with only about a dozen members left. My vision was to help encourage those francophone believers in the area by providing online resources and teaching. Also, I hope to perhaps bring interest in this small church so as to see it flourish once again. While the website is still being worked on and we are only in the first phases of its creation, I thought I’d post a link here anyways to get your thoughts and prayers.

The other project that has been on my plate over the last week or so has been that I was asked to create a website for the church I attend mainly Mount Zion Presbyterian Church. While I’m not a Presbyterian per say (probably more Reformed Baptist) I still attend this church due to its more “conservative” form of worship. The website has many wonderful elements to it.  I began posting some of the messages from a series in the evening service on the book of Acts as well as I created a blog for the Pastor. The Pastor has been posting some good articles on the Westminster Confession of Faith which might be of interest to some. There is still much more to come but it is a fantastic resource and it certainly has much potential to help evangelize and teach the community. To view the website, please feel free to go here.


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