More Apologists with a Lack of Discernment…

BrownWhile my goal over the last week or so hasn’t exactly been to re-visit old posts that I had written, I feel that I’ve been placed materials on my lap that I had covered in the past. Awhile back I posted on the lack of discernment from two very well known apologists who had jeopardized their reputation and essentially given their approval to a couple of theological and moral wolves. Well, this week another reputable apologist, Michael Brown, has appeared to be given some credence to a very well-known prosperity gospel preacher. Dr. Brown is a highly regarded scholar, apologist and the host of the line of fire radio broadcast. He is very well regarded for his understanding of the Semitic languages and he has written numerous books including the Answering Jewish Objectives series and A Queer Thing Happened to America.

Dr. Brown is also a diehard charismatic and has been very vocal in his critique of MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference. Personally, I have no problem with his wanting to debate the issues surrounding cessation/continuation in regards to the sign gifts. I was a bit startled to read one of his posts on Twitter yesterday which read:

Obviously, anyone who thinks of a ravenous wolf amongst the Health, Wealth and Prosperity Gospel generally thinks of Benny Hinn. He is one of the famous faces of this heresy so much so that he even earned his own time on Dateline.

I believe most people were very much taken back by Dr. Brown’s appearance on Hinn’s show and many attempted to share their concern with Dr. Brown whose only real “reason” for appearing on the show was to “preach the gospel”. I can well think of better places and people to preach the gospel than side by side with a false prophet and one of the biggest (and wealthiest) wolves on TV. I pray that Dr. Brown realizes that his reputation has influence and he is leading people, whether  knowingly or not, to Hinn and his false gospel. I would call Dr. Brown to repent and speak out against Hinn warning others of his abuse and false gospel.


3 thoughts on “More Apologists with a Lack of Discernment…

  1. Someone sent me recently some Michael Brown videos (Youtube)… I noticed that on the right side of Youtube (where we see videos somehow associated to the video playing) there was a video of his appearance on the Sid Roth show… when I was attending a Pentecostal church at the beginning of my life as a born-again believer I used to listen to his radio program (during my Pentecostal-dispensational-futurist-Arminian phase)… I’ve seen videos showing Sid Roth interviewing (with approval) Todd Bentley and Rodney Howard-Browne… and I saw him on the “Toronto Blessing” tv program speaking approvingly of the stuff going on there…. talk about no discernment! And Michael Brown was on that guy’s program… so his appearance on Benny Hinn does not necessarily surprise me… I will concede that Brown’s videos on speaking to Jews contained some interesting info

  2. That is disconcerting. I’d think an apologist would spend so much time trying to dispel the stereotypes which are reinforced by televangelists like Hinn that he’d not even be tempted to work with such a person.

    It’s unfortunate that this isn’t the case.

  3. Brown is a bright guy but in this case he lacks wisdom (the usage of knowledge). I appreciate that he’s going on Hinn’s show to talk about repentance, holiness and other important biblical issues. This may very well be the first time some of Hinn’s viewers will actually hear anything on these doctrines. The problem is that Brown’s people are now going to look at Hinn with a whole lot less caution than they did before. Guess the Charismatic brotherhood extends to people like this. Wonder when John Crowder or Todd Bentley will have Brown over for brunch?

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