The Death of an Infant

I found out today that a very dear colleague of mine suffered one of the most difficult tradegies any mother can face mainly the death of her baby. It is never easy for parents to lose their child and many questions arise as to how this could possibly be. We pray for this family as they go through the grieving process that God would extend His comfort to them and bless them.

There are many who lose their infant children, some prior to birth while others after. I had many difficulties with this when my wife and I loss a baby. One comfort that many people find is in the idea that babies go to heaven when they die. While the bible does not explicity state that this is the case, there are some implicit statements in scripture that I believe at least give us comfort that they may well be with God. Brian Borgman’s sermon What Happens when Infants Die was truly a comforting talk that helped me find courage during a difficult time. I pray that this might be used by others who are going through the deep pain of losing a child.


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