Hyper Grace: Some Thoughts on the Book and An Article

365891I just finished reading the book Hyper Grace: Exposing the Dangers of the Modern Grace Message written by Dr. Michael Brown. This post is not meant as a book review but merely to say a few points about the books and some other related items.

Firstly, the book is certainly worth reading since I believe whether you hold to the position that Michael Brown is writing to correct or if you are against it, you have to respect his demeanour throughout and especially the amount of scripture that Brown delves into to defend his position. He addresses many key points that I have heard promulgated by mainline “grace” teachers in the past and I think there is much that will need to be thought through by those who bother reading the book. I was especially appreciative of his treatment of who the epistle of 1 John was written to (Hyper Grace promoters seem to think it was written to gnostics rather than to Christians), his chapter treating the law and his chapter on progressive sanctification.

There were still some points of disagreement that I had with Brown especially on his views of future sins and the perseverance of the saints which I feel is the biblical view . He would deny the eternal security of the believer. I point I found humorous is that Brown explained how he is not a Calvinist yet the next five quotes after that statement were all of Calvinists. He quotes Calvinists quite freely all throughout the book!   An issue that I was disappointed that was not examined is how dispensational theology is closely linked to the teachings of this movement. I’m not entirely sure where Michael Brown stands in regards to dispensational teaching but he seemed to shy away at examining how this movement is a natural outcome of dispensationalism.  I don’t see how this movement is any different than what Zane Hodges was promoting back in the 80’s when he and John MacArthur debated this issue. With that said, I still believe this book will be tremendously useful for those speaking with people of the Hyper Grace camp.

It seems that Paul Ellis just wrote a book to respond to Brown’s assertions in his book. I saw today that Brown posted a list of questions that he wanted to discuss on his blog. I thought it might be worthwhile for my readers to take a look at these questions and see some of the replies.


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