James White v. Richard L. Pratt Jr. and the not/yet of the New Covenant

baptism-300x178I generally would post something like this on my Twitter account however I felt like this is a pretty significant article especially for some who may be trying to understand some of the arguments in the paedobaptism vs. Credobaptism discussion.

This article is a response written by James White to Richard Pratt’s argument for Paedobaptism in which Pratt stresses the future fulfillment of the New Covenant in an already/not yet framework. This is a different argument than is generally emphasized by Paedobaptists. I thought Dr. White did a great job in demonstrating the impact of attempting to put too much emphasis on the future fullfilment of the New Covenant since, as my readers will see, it diminishes the arguments of the book of Hebrews.


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