Which is Worst: Believing in the Trinity or Being Dishonest?

CaptureAnyone who knows anything about members of the Watchtower Society or as they are called “Jehovah’s Witnesses” knows that one of the primary disagreements that Christians have with their theology is their understanding of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. They acknowledge the pre-existence of Christ (which is a step above Oneness Pentecostals) but understand Christ as a created being who was the Archangel Michael who took on humanity. Obviously with this understanding of Christology comes a denial of the Trinity.

A few years ago, the Watchtower Society published a small booklet titled “Should You Believe in the Trinity” which was meant to educate us poor deceived Trinitarians about our seemingly “unbiblical” doctrine. This booklet actually backfired and Christians began to notice some interesting facts about the booklet mainly that it had allot of quotations yet no footnotes attached. This caused some researchers to examine these quotes and find their sources. What they discovered was a wide spectrum of misquoting of various sources including the early church fathers and an appeal to anti-Christian sources to substantiate their claims.

I thought it would be worthwhile for my readers to see a response to this booklet (Part 2) with the actual photocopies of the books the Watchtower quoted in their booklet. I felt that this might be a topic to bring up when some nice Watchtower folks visiting on Saturday mornings.



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