The Frequency of the Lord’s Supper

Lord supperThe gathering of Christians on Sundays should be a time of great blessing as we fellowship together as God’s Covenant Children . After a long week of being surrounded by the world whether at work or at school, it is always refreshing to meet with people who are of the same mind. It is a time of reflection on our Lord Jesus Christ, joyful fellowship, prayer, teaching and also breaking bread (Acts 2:41-42). These privileges are a part of our life as New Covenant believers which we share together in the power of the Spirit of God. These are blessings left for us to continue in and to be blessed by.

One of these God-honouring privileges as we just mentioned is the breaking of the bread or the Lord’s Supper as many have called it. There has been various views on how the Lord’s Supper should be taken and the nature of the “elements”. This debate goes as far back as to the time of the Reformation and even brought disagreements amongst the reformers. Another point of disagreement between believers and one which is less discussed is the frequency of the Lord’s Supper. How often should believers celebrate the Lord’s Supper? Should this be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even yearly? While many churches today in the Greater Moncton Area and elsewhere celebrate the Lord’s Supper on a monthly basis, there are many reformed brethren who believe that celebrating the Lord’s Supper weekly is much more scriptural. While there is no explicit statements in scripture as to the frequency of the Supper, we believe that there might be some implicit details that demonstrate that partaking on a weekly basis is much more biblically tenable .

This article by Kim Riddlebarger makes a very good case for the position that the Lord’s Supper should be celebrated by believers on a weekly basis. Riddlebarger carefully examines the biblical  evidence relating to this topic and demonstrates that the idea of a monthly or yearly partaking of the Supper is based upon subjective reasoning. The reasoning is that if we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on a weekly basis that it will become less “special” and we would lose appreciation for it. Riddlebarger examines these types of arguments and much more. His exegesis of key texts including Acts 2:41-42 are worthy of a careful examination.

While this topic should not divide us and we would never make this a point of contention in a church, we are still concerned that some Christians might be deprived of a weekly blessing due to subjective argumentation. We would call other Christians to examine this point of view and ask whether the evidence in scripture points to a weekly, monthly or yearly celebration.


One thought on “The Frequency of the Lord’s Supper

  1. This article by Kim Riddlebarger is an excellent article.
    He supports the weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper very well from Scripture and church history.
    Thanks for posting this.

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