The Charge of Antisemitism Against Calvinists

israel015Over the years there have been many charges made by Christians against myself and others who hold to the doctrines of grace. One of the most troubling charges that I have experienced is the claim by dispensational 4-point arminians who claim that those who hold to Covenant Theology are anti-Semitic. This is a very serious accusation that underlines a misunderstanding of what Calvinists believe[i]. I am certainly not anti-Semitic in my view of the current state of Israel in that I believe that the government in place is a better government than prior to the Israel becoming a recognized state. We appreciate the Jewish people and their perseverance in history as a great people. We also value the attempts at peace put forward by the Israeli government but at the same time we do not render them faultless. We would not want to assume too much since the political framework surrounding the Israel/Palestine behind the current conflicts is complex and we do not have all the details. We feel that this conflict in Gaza may not be resolved till the return of Jesus Christ.

With all this said, the charge of antisemitism doesn’t stem from political views but from theological views. The charge finds its foundation from the idea that if one believes that the land promises to possess Palestine is no longer valid then we must be anti-Semitic. As we have already mentioned, the accusation is generally made by those who promote dispensational theology which states that God will deal with Israel as a nation once again to fulfill promises that He has yet to realize. It also teaches that the current secular nation of Israel has rights to the land of Israel because of an Old Testament covenant promise.

To perhaps educate some of our dispensational friends, we would like to offer Stephen Sizer’s worthy article that we felt would at least lay out the arguments as to why we believe that the promises are being fulfilled in a different way. The article demonstrates that the land promise has been expanded outside the borders of Palestine and the inheritance is for a much wider group of heirs than in the previous covenant. We don’t believe that God has replaced Israel but has extended better promises to them and to all who are in Christ. I don’t agree with all of Sizer’s conclusions but for the most part he does a fantastic job in explaining the position that we hold. I would ask our dispensationalist friends to please read this article to get an understanding of our beliefs. We pray that perhaps this will in return have them consider to refrain from the charge of antisemitism towards brethren in Christ.


[i] It should be noted that not all Calvinists hold to covenant theology. There are many who have embraced Dispensational theology while still affirming the doctrines of grace. We may include John MacArthur in this group.


2 thoughts on “The Charge of Antisemitism Against Calvinists

  1. Reblogged this on This Blog is Rated PG for Prophetic Guidance and commented:
    Having appreciated a friend’s recent blog article and having noticed that someone yesterday found my blog using the search terms “amillenialism anti semitic” (two things that should not go together) I thought I would repost this. Enjoy!

    Note : I did read the Stephen Sizer document mentioned in the blog post and would recommend it even if I may not agree 100.0% with every statement or opinion found therein.

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