Isaiah 53 & Definite Atonement

crossThere are many individuals who believe that the doctrine of particular redemption or definite atonement cannot be substantiated biblically. They argue that the bible simply does not teach that the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ actually saves those for whom it was offered but mingle the intellectual assent of man in the mix. The idea that there are no texts that teach definite atonement is a mere caricature. There are a number of texts that could be examined to demonstrate the biblical doctrine of the atonement especially in light of its particularity. We think of texts such as John 10 and Revelation chapter 5 as clear examples of this blessed doctrine amongst many others.

Recently I had purchased from Faithful Servant Books a small booklet by W.E. Best on the examination of definite atonement from another proof text mainly the text of Isaiah 53. Best does a remarkable job at demonstrating that the suffering servants death would in fact be a perfect sacrifice that could not fail. It would actually purchase and redeem men for God and that this death would be victorious. I was pleased to see that the book is now available online in PDF for those who wish to read through Best’s exegesis and analysis of Isaiah 53.


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