Preparing with Prayer

imagesThere is a sense of real uncertainty about what it is regarding the fall season that tends to cause to feel that a sort of preparation is required for a new beginning that is about to dawn. Most people seem to be able to make new budgets, new bible study plans and new year resolutions for January 1st however our inclination is always to make preparations of sort in the fall. It may be memories of beginning a new school year or perhaps a new employment or better yet, perhaps we just love the fall season but we always tend to think that something is coming. The Lord is sovereign over all things in our lives and our desire in this preparation tends to focus upon His purposes and the strength we require to see them and live them.

There are many things coming our way in the short future and we’re sure uncertainties loom for many of us. These uncertainties can take many forms and we believe they can have tremendous benefits if we use them rightly. We believe that the Lord has placed this on our hearts and this week we would like to make a special focus on the topic of prayer on the Moncton Christianity Website. We believe that one of the essential elements to the growth of the Christian life is our time in communion with God both privately and corporately.  Matthew Henry once sub categorized prayer in 5 sections mainly:

  1. Adoration
  2. Confession
  3. Petition
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. Intercession

Adoration is the reflection upon who God is as revealed in His glorious word. Confession is the expression of our sins to God in repentance and an acknowledgement that He is right and we are wrong. Petition is the pleading with God in expressing our personal needs and our desire for Him to change us to do His will. Thanksgiving is coming before God with a heart of gratitude in all that He has done for us even our struggles. Intercession is the presentation of specific prayers for individuals for the Lord to intervene in their lives, to comfort them and to bless them.

We will be posting resources and prayer requests throughout the week. We would like you to join us this week in prayer in the adoration of God, prayers of confession for our sins and the sin of God’s people, special petitions for yourself of things needed in your life, thanksgiving to God for all that He has provided us already and intercession for people we know and some that we don’t know. We would like to hear from you with your prayer requests. Please forward them to us this week and we will make them known to our readers. These can be personal or general petitions.



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