The Prayer of Adoration


images3KHUL2V2Pondering the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who has given us the breath of life and redeemed us from our bondage to sin to glorify us is a necessity for spiritual growth, blessing and health. This meditation upon God is also a means of entering into prayer especially when we ponder who it is we are praying to.

The attributes of God are many and each can be the focus of many years of examination through biblical study and living as a Christian. Let us, in love and adoration focus our prayers upon:

God as creator: God is the essence of life and being for all that does exist. We owe our very existence to Him and every breath we take each day can be attributed to His sustaining power.

God as Sovereign: God is the king of eternity and sovereign Lord over all the earth. He holds the hearts of kings and rulers in his hand, He rules the nation and especially He is sovereign over the salvation of His people. Without God’s sovereign hand in bringing us to the Son we would still be trapped in our rebellion.

God as immutable: The very security we possess is found in the reality that the God of eternity cannot change. He is the unchanging God whose promises we can find comfort and we can rest in Him as our rock.

God as all-knowing: We find reliability in God that He has eternal knowledge of all things past, present and future. He created the world with this exhaustive knowledge and He is never caught by surprise. His wisdom is unchallenged and eternal.

God as Trinity: God is a relational being who, from eternity past, has always expressed His relation to us through the relationship between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God as Saviour: God would have been just to condemn us after the first sin of Adam but He has graciously demonstrated His redeeming love throughout history beginning with Abel, Noah, the patriarchs, Israel and finally in His elect people, the church.

God as Judge: While many would not address this attribute, God’s judgment is associated with his justice and the bringing in of true and defined righteousness.

These are but a few of God’s attributes to ponder in our prayers. May we gather a greater appreciation each day for our God and all that He is.


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