The Prayer of Petition

untitledThe true purpose and need of prayer is found in the prayer of petition. The prayer of Petition is a time of conversation with God to present to Him our personal needs. Approaching the Lord of heaven to offer out petitions is often simply thought of as a prayer for material things yet we believe while this is certainly a portion of the prayer, the prayer of petition is more focused on the person’s spiritual needs. We come before God in need to present ourselves as helpless and requiring Him to intervene in our lives. While we are a part of a more corporate Christian life including our churches and families, we still live an individualistic spiritual life which requires us as individuals to present ourselves before God in need.

Spiritual Needs

One of the most crucial spiritual needs for the Christian is to ask God to speak to us through His word and further that He would reveal to us its understanding and application. We need the words of the living God to feed us on a daily basis yet we also need to properly digest this food to be able to benefit from it.  We should also ask God to give us the most out of our prayers. Fruitful prayer requires concentration and preparation which God may grant to us. Some of the most common spiritual needs are to pray for God to make us stronger in our Christian testimony. We not only need to understand God’s word but to live it to its fullest potential. This will, in essence, vary to a degree and we need to ask God for the wisdom to apply this word as a Christian example to others. The prayer of perseverance through immense trials is one of the most difficult and yet most needed. We often pray for God to relieve us from our trials yet our deepest prayer should be for God to give us the strength to persevere through these trials. We should pray for God to always make His will known to us and grant us the faith to continue on even when He has chosen to conceal it. Let us pray for continued opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ with individuals we meet on a daily basis and that God would grant us the boldness to witness for His Son. Let us who are spouses and parents  pray for wisdom in raising our families and loving our spouse that we may do so with the will of God.

Physical Needs

All of us have different needs in relation to our lives. What we believe should be focused upon are not for God to grant us luxurious things but for the necessity of life. Let us pray for good health, good food and the heart to live a simple life for Christ Jesus and His kingdom. Let us pray for wisdom in how we utilize our money and our time for God and that God would continue to provide for us.


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