The Prayer of Thanksgiving

praying_manOne of the most overlooked yet significant portions of our prayers is to give thanks to the Lord for what He has already provided us. We sometimes become so consumed by our needs that we forget to acknowledge the blessings we are currently experiencing. We must never forget that God’s grace can never be demanded and that we receive many blessings each and every day. While the unbeliever receives blessings as well, we as Christians should be prepared to recognize these blessings and joyously demonstrate our gratitude through offering our gratefulness.

We all have received various blessings from the Lord to which we should show appreciation. One of the greatest blessings we possess is that the holy God has granted us redemption from our sins by sending His only begotten Son to die a sinners death on our behalf. We should thank our Saviour for His willingness to become our substitute and carry our sins to be crucified. We should always be in awe and appreciation for the gift of eternal life. We should thank God for bringing us to the cross by granting us the faith and repentance to come to the Son and that He continues to work in us through the Holy Spirit to bring us to glory. God also molds us in love to be conformed to the image of His Son. God places trials in our life and then grants us the strength and wisdom to persevere through them. Sometimes we see certainly events and uncertainties in our lives as almost unnecessary and too difficult to bare but God has a purpose in them and it is to strengthen us in these trials. We never see God’s face like we do when we are suffering trials.

We should be thankful that the living God is our God. He is “for us” and this is the greatest blessing we could ask for. He supplies us with all our earthly needs. We should be thankful for all that we have and remember that there are those who live contently with far less than we possess. Let us thank Him that no matter what happens that He will supply our needs.

Finally, we are thankful for others in our lives that uplift us especially other Christians. Let us thank God for the church and the fellowship of those men and women who care for us especially through our trials. Let us thank God for our families and loved ones He has given us as a gracious gift.




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