The Prayer of Intercession

imagesIn this last segment on prayer, we will explore the prayer of intercession. It is the most common and significant prayer offered to God as a means of intervening on behalf of others. This is the prayer in which we approach the great God Yahweh with petitions for important people and items that we are made aware of. It is the time when we strive in prayer for others! While God is omniscience and omnipotent, we make the needs of others know as a means of God blessing others through these prayers. What a glorious God we have that He will intercede on behalf of His people and what a demonstration of love that Christians may show by offering prayer for others.

The prayer of intercession can take on the form of the needs of others. One of the greatest needs any man may have is for their salvation. We should pray very consistently for those who are outside of Christ that God would move in their lives and bring them to faith in His Son. We may pray for family members, friends and especially our enemies that they may find the redemptive love of God and believe the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It may take on the form of a prayer of intercession for someone who is struggling with sin or has grown cold to the faith they once held so mightily.

It may be presenting God the sick for the Lord to comfort them and heal them. We may present supplications to God on behalf of people struggling financially for wisdom and for their needs to be met. We may pray for those who have lost loved ones that they may find the face of the God of comfort and realize that in all things there is good that will happen even in our most difficult circumstances

Let us pray for our city, our provinces and our country that a revival might take place where God would be so gracious as to save sinners and to bring in a new concern for the things of God.

This prayer may be for our church that God would bless it as a faithful witness to the word of the glorious kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a prayer on behalf of our elders, members and our youth. It is a prayer for faithfulness in evangelism, prayer, the proclamation of God’s word, the promotion a holy life, for faithful marriages, the care of the widows and orphans, feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. We pray that our churches might be a place of doctrinal faithfulness and of faithful fellowship always looking forward to the blessed hope.

Finally, let us pray for the persecuted church and believers who are losing their lives for the Name of Jesus Christ. Let us ask God to give them the boldness and persevering grace required to maintain a faithful witness in the midst of suffering and death. May God prepare our hearts for the day when we may suffer for that glorious Name.


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