Two Important Christological Hymns: Part 1 of 2

An oldie I feel worth reading again…


Colossae-300x225The City of Colossae was situated in the valley of Lycus approximately 10-12 miles past Laodicea. It was an area which had much diversity in regards to philosophical and religious life. The Colossian Christians were surrounded by these mixtures of ideals but were seemingly not willing to recant or mix their belief in Christ with other religious systems and may have had tremendous struggles in the process.  Paul’s writing was to encourage them and also, indirectly, to respond to those false teachings in which they were being exposed to. It wouldn’t have been easy to resist some of these erroneous teachings since false/alternative teachers were very persuasive in their approach. Yet, Paul commands them to resist them (Colossian 2:4,8,16,18) at all cost. There was one main advantage that these Colossian Christians had and that was they had the very personification of wisdom and knowledge in the Lord Jesus. The very…

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