Sharing Some Thoughts on the Book of Mormon After Having Read It

Some good thoughts on the book of Mormons

This Blog is Rated PG for Prophetic Guidance


After finishing the Book of Mormon, one of the great works of American fiction, I thought I would provide a quick summary:

Once upon a time, in the promised land of America* where New Jerusalem is to be found one day in the future, there was a colony called the Jaredites. In Babylon, in the days of the Tower of Babel dispersion, Jared’s brother spoke with “God” and “God” directed him as well as his brother and family away from Babylon and gave them directions to build relatively small submarine-type vessels for each member of Jared’s gang in order to cross the Atlantic for a 300 plus day journey. How they were able to bring enough food in those small submarines for a 300 plus day journey is not explained. One of the mysteries of Mormonism I guess. These watertight submarines had glowing stones** provided by “God” in order to…

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