John Calvin


CalvinJohn Calvin was born in 1509 in Noyon in France and was a genius beyond his time. He studied in humanism from an early age until his defection from the church of Rome where he became the most influential theologian in the protestant reformation.

Calvin lived most of his Christian life as a leader and pastor in Geneva even while having been exiled from the city for many years. While he was a mild man with a true pastors heart, Calvin was a strong defenders of the truths of Scripture and wrote many responses to criticisms of the theology of the reformation. Calvin also wrote one of the first systematic theology called “Institutes of the Christian Religion” which is to this day used to study the biblical theology. Along with his famous Institutes, Calvin wrote commentaries on almost every book of the bible as well as a number of sermons that are still being circulated today.

While he has been branded a cruel dictator by some, his life and principles in living out the Christian faith seem to demonstrate a much different perspective on Calvin’s life and theology.

Important Writings:



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