Theodore Beza

bezaTheodore Beza was to John Calvin what Phillip Melanchthon was to Luther. Beza & Calvin both studied at the same school and under the same teachers notably Wolmar. Shortly after his conversion, Beza fled to Geneva and was welcomed by his former schoolmate. He eventually became a professor of theology in Geneva and even pastored the church there. His knowledge of Greek lead him to produce his own Greek New Testament and an ancient Greek manuscript bares his name.  Beza was involved in many famous assemblies including the Colloquy of Mompelgard in 1586 which was intended to bring about the union between Protestants and Roman Catholics. Beza defended the views of the Protestant Reformation in front of some influential parties in that assembly. While there are many who believe that Beza altered Calvin’s views on the doctrines of grace, there is no evidence that Beza held to any different theology than his predecessor.

Important Writings:



One thought on “Theodore Beza

  1. Just want to thank you for posting about the work of the Reformers. May we never forget how God used them to bring forth the truths lost in the dark times when the Roman Catholic Church kept the light of the truths of God’s Word hidden

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