Greg Nichols on the 1689 London Baptist Confession


unnamedWe had written a post awhile back on the importance of confession of faiths. One of the points I made was that these confessions have a purpose of keeping us theologically accountable in understanding the teachings behind the scriptures. They are not equal with scripture nor are they a substitute for scripture. They are an expression of our beliefs which we confess in writing to the world. While many scoff at the idea of a confession, we believe that everyone subscribes to a confession of faith whether in written form or in an individual’s head.

Here are this website we adhere to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. We believe it is one of the most accurate expressions of biblical teaching available. We understand that it is not a complete rendition of the bible’s teaching but a faithful summary of major themes within Scripture.

Recently we stumbled upon a series of studies on the 1689 LBC by Greg Nichols. This is a 35 part series of talks that takes the listeners through the teaching of the confession in quite some detail. There are some real gems in these talks and we highly recommend them if you are interested in going through the confession of faith.


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