Faithful Servant Closing

BannerStoreFrontIt is with sadness that I have come to find out that the Faithful Servant Bookstore will be closing by the end of the month of April 2015. Mike Steeves and Faithful Servant have had a positive impact on the Christian community through providing solid Christian resources to the Moncton area but also as a ministry which has helped many people in all sorts of situations. I have heard many positive stories of people who have been affected by the ministry there and it is a terrible loss to the community. Here is the official announcement from the Faithful Servant Website:

Faithful Servant Books has now been operating for 3 years.

Despite a very promising start in our first year, we have been unable to attract enough business to make the store viable. It is therefore with great reluctance that we have decided to wind up the business and close the store, unless a buyer can be found soon.

We aim to stay in operation through Easter until the end of April, however we will not be able to accept special orders beyond Sat 28th March.

Our presence in the region is unique, and we have seen a positive, and sometimes dramatic impact on peoples lives who have patronized our store.

Please pray with us that a buyer can be found to continue the ministry in some form, and please feel free to contact either of us should you know of anyone who may be interested.

Yours, David Ford (Owner) Mike Steeves (Manager)


5 thoughts on “Faithful Servant Closing

  1. This is sooo sad. Unless the Lord intervenes We are loosing a work that brought glory to God. God has a purpose for this.

    We must keep praying for Mike to make sure everything works out for him,


    1. I believe the closing of this bookstore demonstrates the shallowness of the Christianity that is present in the Greater Moncton Area. Mike Steeves purposely promoted resources that were biblical in their nature and shunned providing people with shallow and unbiblical materials. Too many people in Moncton have Joyce Myers and Joel Osteen as their mentors rather than sound godly men who teach the Word of God faithfully. This is one reason I believe that the bookstore struggled. I pray for that the Christians in this city will reflect upon the convictions on which they stand and examine themselves whether they are in the true faith.

      1. Moncton Christian: Well spoken!! Mike Steeves himself reflected the very name of the bookstore as he’s a “Faithful Servant”. What a shame to see the store close as we have enough fluff floating around in our city with very little solid Biblical resources.

  2. That’s sad news. Mike Steeves is a good brother-in-Christ. Moncton needs a good Christian book store in this confused day and age. The “Christianity” section of conventional book stores is so polluted with apostasy and heresy and ecumenical fornication and theological liberalism.

  3. I think what allot of people don’t know is that Mike Steeves provided not only Christian Resources but he helped many people by just talking to them and shared the gospel whenever he had the opportunity. There are allot of people who benefited from the store’s ministry who never dropped a dime into the business. Too bad someone wouldn’t be interested in seeing that part of the ministry continue and take the store over.

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