A Return and Some Revamping

keep-calm-we-re-back-15I’ve taken a lengthy break from this blog due to circumstances that have lead me to do so. I have also been busy helping with other websites and also assisting a church plant in the Greater Moncton Area. These items and everyday life have made it difficult to continue the blog however I’m happy to say that I’m preparing to do some more work on this website and continue my efforts to bring good theology to Christians in this great city. I have written a number of posts that should be published shortly and also I have began a revamp of some of the pages on the website. I plan on doing an overhall of these pages and to add even more resources for Christians in the Greater Moncton Area and abroad. Obviously I welcome your comments or suggestions so please feel free to write to me.

With that said, I have made some changes to the page on Covenant Theology. You’ll notice that we have added further book recommendations, websites, audio presentations and we have added a series of videos for those who are interested in finding out a little more about Baptist Covenant Theology.


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