Roman Catholicism

the-vaticanThe largest organization to confess itself as “Christian” is the Roman Catholic Church. The church is lead by the Pope (currently Pope Francis) and the magesterium who are the leading teachers and decision makers within the organization. It is argued that the Pope is the successor of Peter who was the first pontiff in Rome. The Pope and most of the magesterium are situated in Vatican City found in Rome in Italy. The church teaches a variety of doctrines that are not found in scripture including Papal Infallibility, the mass, justification by works and the marian dogmas. There have been many splits within the Roman Church with the two most notable being the split with the Greek Orthodox Church and the Protestant Churches in the 16th century. For the Official Website of the Roman Catholic Church visit here:



Papal Infalibility

Sola Scriptura

Justification by Faith Alone










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