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On Saturday, January 23rd, Faithful Servant Books officially closed its doors after 3 ½ years of being a Faithful Witness to the City of Moncton. The bookstore served as more than a Christian retailer but was held in high regard as a ministry that affected numerous people from all walks of life. Mike Steeves and his staff have been an encouragement to a number of Christians in this city and proclaimers of the gospel of our Lord Jesus to those who had yet to come to trusting Christ as their Savior. We had the privilege of hearing  how many were blessed by the ministry and how valuable it was to glorify our precious Savior. We were able to meet many wonderful Christians who were contacts of Mr. Steeves that he had made through the bookstore. Needless to say, this city has suffered a great loss in the closing of this resource center. We pray for our Brother Mike Steeves and thank him for his contribution to the Christian Faith in our great city.

We thought it would be a great idea to have people comment on how Faithful Servant Bookstore and Ministry affected them. We would like to encourage you, our readers, to share any thoughts or leave a comment for others to see.

Drop in to Faithful Servant Books for Christmas Gift Ideas

BannerStoreFrontWith the Christmas season fast approaching, Christians in the Greater Moncton Area and beyond should be aware that there are some wonderful gift ideas available in our great city. Whether they are in search of a new bible, Christian books, DVDs, cards for any occasion, Faithful Servant Books has something for you. Purchasing from Faithful Servant Books also helps a ministry devoted to the Greater Moncton Area to provide resources and opportunities to evangelize the lost and equip the saints in their growth of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please consider visiting Faithful Servant Books and supporting this great work this Christmas season.


Statement on Endorsing Reformed Baptist Churches in Moncton

There has been a question posed on which churches in the Greater Moncton Area would subscribe to the 1689 London Baptist Confession and if we would endorse these churches. We respond in stating that we support churches associated with the 1689 Baptist confession of faith throughout our country and elsewhere as well as the Association for Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA). In the city of Moncton, there are only two churches that we are aware of that would hold fully to the 1689 LBC. One is Providence Christian Church and the other is a small Reformed Baptist House Church. We go on record to state that we  gladly endorse Providence Christian Church however at this time we do not endorse the small Reformed Baptist House Church for reasons outside of their confessional stance.

A Return and Some Revamping

keep-calm-we-re-back-15I’ve taken a lengthy break from this blog due to circumstances that have lead me to do so. I have also been busy helping with other websites and also assisting a church plant in the Greater Moncton Area. These items and everyday life have made it difficult to continue the blog however I’m happy to say that I’m preparing to do some more work on this website and continue my efforts to bring good theology to Christians in this great city. I have written a number of posts that should be published shortly and also I have began a revamp of some of the pages on the website. I plan on doing an overhall of these pages and to add even more resources for Christians in the Greater Moncton Area and abroad. Obviously I welcome your comments or suggestions so please feel free to write to me.

With that said, I have made some changes to the page on Covenant Theology. You’ll notice that we have added further book recommendations, websites, audio presentations and we have added a series of videos for those who are interested in finding out a little more about Baptist Covenant Theology.

Faithful Servant Books Continuation

BannerStoreFrontI had announced in a previous post that Faithful Servant Books was going to be closing their doors shortly. I received some blessed news last evening that the ministry at Faithful Servant will continue on but in a different format. Please read the announcement below for the details and let’s all support this work

Thank-you to everyone who has expressed their support and offered prayers to our Lord over the last month, when we announced that store closure seemed unavoidable, if a buyer could not be found.

Although there has been no offer to purchase, we have left no stone unturned in trying to find a way forward, as we have witnessed first hand the change in people’s lives as a result of the Lord working through our ministry. We have not only received untold encouragement and moral support from our customers but the general concensus is that a community or region without a Christian resource centre is missing a critical ingredient of its spiritual health.

Having shared those thoughts, we are pleased to share that we believe there may be a viable solution to our dilemma. We plan to formally restructure as a not-for-profit organization.

This will play out in many ways but the central tenet of our viability will be the support of the body of Christ in our region. For our part, we will be reducing costs to the bare-bones – meaning reduced ability to pay market salaries, advertising, rent & bank fees. For your part, this means partnering with us in ministry as the Lord leads you – prayer, purchasing from us, spreading the word through social media, even donating.

Let us all remember that there is ultimately only one answer to the problems besetting us. “And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” John 17:3. May we work together so more people hear of this hope.

Please offer a simple prayer for us that God would give us wisdom, discernment and sound advice on how to move forward as a ministry in the body of Christ.
David Ford & Mike Steeves.

Faithful Servant Closing

BannerStoreFrontIt is with sadness that I have come to find out that the Faithful Servant Bookstore will be closing by the end of the month of April 2015. Mike Steeves and Faithful Servant have had a positive impact on the Christian community through providing solid Christian resources to the Moncton area but also as a ministry which has helped many people in all sorts of situations. I have heard many positive stories of people who have been affected by the ministry there and it is a terrible loss to the community. Here is the official announcement from the Faithful Servant Website:

Faithful Servant Books has now been operating for 3 years.

Despite a very promising start in our first year, we have been unable to attract enough business to make the store viable. It is therefore with great reluctance that we have decided to wind up the business and close the store, unless a buyer can be found soon.

We aim to stay in operation through Easter until the end of April, however we will not be able to accept special orders beyond Sat 28th March.

Our presence in the region is unique, and we have seen a positive, and sometimes dramatic impact on peoples lives who have patronized our store.

Please pray with us that a buyer can be found to continue the ministry in some form, and please feel free to contact either of us should you know of anyone who may be interested.

Yours, David Ford (Owner) Mike Steeves (Manager)

Mount Zion Biblical Summit and Fall Festival

Mount Zion Reformed Presbyterian Church will be holding a conference in early October on the subject of Covenant Theology. I thought I would post the information on the conference for those in the Greater Moncton area who might be interested in attending. The speaker this year is D. Patrick Ramsey. Here are the details:

Announcing Mt. Zion’s

Biblical Summit and Fall Festival  Oct. 4-6 2013 

“The Structure of Redemption: Covenant Theology and its Applications”


The bible tells the true story of God’s very good creation, the rebellion and fall of man, the redemption of a people through Jesus Christ, and finally a great renewal and glorification of the world together with his people.  This is the big picture, but the plot structure of the bible is undergirded and moved along by God through covenants.  You might say that covenants are the framework upon which the story of Scripture and our understanding of it depends.  Understanding the covenants of the bible in themselves and in relation to how they move God’s plan of salvation along towards its fulfillment in Christ is therefore incredibly important.  To the extent that we understand this framework rightly we are better able to understand what God has done in history for our Salvation as revealed in the Scriptures and its application to us as individuals, families, and churches.  To the extent that we misread this covenant framework we open ourselves up to great misunderstandings of God’s revelation in Scripture and its application to our lives.

In order that we might all better understand, apply, and be built up by the Scriptures the Leadership and members of Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church would like to invite you to join us and Pastor D. Patrick Ramsey for the 2013 Biblical Summit being held in conjunction with our Fall Festival.


Speaker:  Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey

D. Patrick Ramsey is an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  He is no stranger to the area having been born and raised here in the Maritimes in neighboring Halifax, Nova Scotia.  His Master of Divinity degree was completed at Greenville Theological Seminary and a Master in Theology was done at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.  Rev. Ramsey served as the pastor of an OPC Church in London, KY for over 12 years.  He has recently been serving the Church throughout the Maritimes through pulpit supply as he works towards the completion of doctoral studies at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.  On top of all of this he is married to a wonderful wife and has 5 boys to keep him busy.

 2013 Summit Sessions and Schedule:


7:30 PM          Session 1:  Covenant Theology’s Great Expression: The Westminster Standards 



9:30  AM         Session 2:  Covenant Theology and The Old and New Testaments Part 1 

       11:00 AM        Session 3:  Covenant Theology and The Old and New Testaments Part 2 

        12:00 Noon     Lunch

        1:30  PM         Session 4:  Covenant Theology and Salvation Part 1

        3:00  PM         Session 5:  Covenant Theology and Salvation Part 2

        4:00 PM          Q and A

        4:45 PM        Fall Festival



10:00 AM    Session 6:  Covenant Theology and Children Part 1

         11:00 AM    Lunch in Church Hall

         6:00 PM       Session 7:  Covenant Theology and Children Part 2

Registration information:

Cost:  Individually -$15 for adults (students and children free)

 *You may Pre-Register by sending an Email with your family name and # of attendees  to 



Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church is located at 155 Charles Lutes Rd. in Moncton, NB E1G 2R8

Church Phone:  506-853-0544



Excuse the Dust

I am in the midst of doing a little redesign to the website and I would ask your patience while I’m constructing some of the features. This may take awhile since I have limited resources and very little time to get it done. I pray that this new look and materials will be helpful to you in your walk with Jesus Christ. Looking forward to posting again very soon!

John Piper’s Farewell Sermon

john-piperI saw this blog post over at Justin Taylor’s blog on the Gospel Coalition website. It is a post on the farewell sermon of John Piper which will be preached this evening. Dr. Piper is clearing the way for a new pastor after 33 years of pastoring Bethleem Baptist Church in Minnesota. John Piper has had a tremendous influence on my life. His passion for preaching expositionally the text of scripture with a focus upon the glory of God has been monumental in my walk in Christ. God gave him the ability to express his love for the supremacy of God in all things in a way that can only be described as supernatural. There are times in my life when I needed a swift kick in the pants and I can recollect often how all it took was listening to Dr. Piper to give it to me!  May God continue to bless the work of John Piper that he may continue to glorify Him