Great Sermon on the Resurrection

I’m sure that many of you heard some wonderful sermons on the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ yesterday and I pray that they made you reflect upon the significance of it. I had the privilege of watching the below video and I believe it is one of the best sermons on the resurrection that I’ve encountered. I appreciated how Mr. Reeves brought out that there is no real gospel without the resurrection. Too many gospel messages lack any mention of the resurrection.

Ignoring the Resurrection in the Gospel

emptytombHow often have we heard preachers proclaim the message of the gospel by stating to their audience that they “need to get saved to go to heaven“. I have heard many messages with this catch phrase and people literally  telling me after their conversion that they were “going to heaven”. I think we have also all heard the gospel messages preached throughout the years  with some preachers being very Christ-centered and others being unfortunately very man-centered. There are preachers who begin with God while others seem to spend their time focused upon man. God loves you and sent His Son into the world to die for you or  Just come to Him as you are have resonated from pulpits on many occasions. Obviously different people have different ideas of preaching the gospel and what content to include.

Now, before I continue, I want to emphasize that there is nothing necessarily “untrue” about some of these phrase. I think it is perfectly legitimate to say that if a person believes on the Lord Jesus Christ that they are saved and they are going to heaven.  Christ is central to the gospel and there are many things we can say about Christ,  His work and the need of sinful men during a gospel presentation. We could also mention such things as God’s Holiness,  the fall, man’s deadness in sin, repentance, faith, grace, the new birth and especially the death of the Lord Jesus. The death of the Lord Jesus is absolutely central to the whole Christian message and is so interrelated in His person that the two cannot ever be separated. To speak of the gospel without speaking of Christ and His death is not to be speaking of the gospel at all. The proclamation of the gospel is expressed only through Jesus Christ alone.

One element that the bible is saturated with and that is often neglected during the proclamation of the gospel is the resurrection. You will hear it mentioned once a year during the “Easter” season when people flock to church on that particular Sunday but during the rest of the year many churches are left without any mention of it. There are two main dynamics to the “resurrection” that are generally ignored; the first is to withhold speaking about the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and the other is not speaking about the resurrection of the saints at the end of the age. Both these elements are so significant that I am often left wondering why they are so infrequent during ministry and the gospel message. Let’ take a look at both of these.

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