What is the Purpose of the Moncton Christianity Website?

The Moncton Christianity website exists to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all people calling them to repentance from since and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The website has as its purpose to provide resources and information to Christians in order to help in their walk and pursuit of God.

What Denomination are you Affiliated with?

We are not officially affiliated with any denominational body but are merely independent local Christians. If we were to label ourselves from a theological position then we would probably be closest to Reformed Confessional Baptists.

Why limit it to Moncton?

We don’t believe that the information on this website is essentially limited to people in the Greater Moncton area. Since we are residents of the GMA, we felt that it might be beneficial to focus on our community first in hopes to see stronger Christians and churches.

Are there any Reformed Baptists who subscribe to the 1689 LBC in Moncton that you would support?

We support churches associated with the confession as well as the Association for Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA). In the city of Moncton, there are only two churches that we are aware of that would hold fully to the 1689 LBC. One is Providence Christian Church and the other is a small Reformed Baptist House Church. We would gladly endorse Providence Christian Church however at this time we do not endorse the small Reformed Baptist Church for reasons outside of their confessional stance.

Why are your authors anonymous?

The reason for our anonymity is that we deal quite openly with touchy subjects and we all have a secular jobs that would impact us. Also, we have experienced some animosity in the past by certain groups that we address on this website that has caused some dangerous situations for us. We feel for the better protection of our families and friends that staying anonymous is beneficial. This is not to say that we are not open to communication with our readers.

What do you believe?

Firstly we are Christians who believe that the bible is the infallible and inerrant word of God our creator. We believe that all that is necessary for a man to find salvation in Jesus Christ and to holy living is found in the pages of scripture. As a summary of our beliefs in a more systematic form, we hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith while acknowledging that it is not equivalent to scripture in its authority nor is it an unchangeable document.

Are you Calvinists?

Yes, unapologietically and unquestionably we believe in the doctrines of Grace which are generally referred to as “Calvinism”.

How May I Contact You?

We can be contacted through our contact form or by email monctonchristian@gmail.com

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