Engaging in Conversation

Knock, knock.I was on my way for a coffee break when I saw two very nice Mormon gentlemen walking on Main Street here in Moncton the other day. They were attempting to get some folks that were walking by to speak with them. Whenever I see these gentlemen I try very hard to stop and chat with them but when I’m at work that becomes very difficult. I like to share with them the gospel of the bible and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sharing your faith with Mormons or members of the Watchtower Society can sometimes be difficult since they are well trained prior to making attempts to engage you in conversation.

I thought I would share a little video from Greg Koukl on how to approach these folks. It is certainly a good start and may help if you are asked to share your faith with them.

Moncton’s Crandall University Hosting Biologos

Crandall_UniversityCrandall University is seemingly holding a symposium put on by Dr. Paul Allen of Concordia University in March on “exploring the themes of human nature, faith and evolution, in the light of science”. This symposium is being sponsored by Biologos which is an organization that promotes the idea that the macro evolutionary theory is consistent with the bible. The focus of this organization is to discredit intelligent design or creation science in an attempt to persuade christians to embrace evolution and in return reject biblical innerancy and the historicity of many portions of scripture.

For a University that stood so strongly against the pressure of Gay Activists to conform to the secular left, I was left bewildered by this scheduled symposium. There have been several responses to biologos (for exampes see here and here) and warnings about the aggressive nature of the organization in underminding the authenticity of the biblcial witness however Crandall is seemingly unaware or simply have no problem with throwing away the reputation of the University as well as the scriptures by hosting this organization. The association of the University with Biologos is telling that perhaps liberalism is beginning to creep into a fine University which once upheld an Orthodox biblical standard.

I would encourage Christians in the Greater Moncton Area as well as students of Crandall University to avoid this symposium and write to the University to question why such an organization as Biologos would be allowed to hold such an event on their grounds.

Let’s pray that Crandall University comes to its senses!

More Apologists with a Lack of Discernment…

BrownWhile my goal over the last week or so hasn’t exactly been to re-visit old posts that I had written, I feel that I’ve been placed materials on my lap that I had covered in the past. Awhile back I posted on the lack of discernment from two very well known apologists who had jeopardized their reputation and essentially given their approval to a couple of theological and moral wolves. Well, this week another reputable apologist, Michael Brown, has appeared to be given some credence to a very well-known prosperity gospel preacher. Dr. Brown is a highly regarded scholar, apologist and the host of the line of fire radio broadcast. He is very well regarded for his understanding of the Semitic languages and he has written numerous books including the Answering Jewish Objectives series and A Queer Thing Happened to America.

Dr. Brown is also a diehard charismatic and has been very vocal in his critique of MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference. Personally, I have no problem with his wanting to debate the issues surrounding cessation/continuation in regards to the sign gifts. I was a bit startled to read one of his posts on Twitter yesterday which read:

Obviously, anyone who thinks of a ravenous wolf amongst the Health, Wealth and Prosperity Gospel generally thinks of Benny Hinn. He is one of the famous faces of this heresy so much so that he even earned his own time on Dateline.

I believe most people were very much taken back by Dr. Brown’s appearance on Hinn’s show and many attempted to share their concern with Dr. Brown whose only real “reason” for appearing on the show was to “preach the gospel”. I can well think of better places and people to preach the gospel than side by side with a false prophet and one of the biggest (and wealthiest) wolves on TV. I pray that Dr. Brown realizes that his reputation has influence and he is leading people, whether  knowingly or not, to Hinn and his false gospel. I would call Dr. Brown to repent and speak out against Hinn warning others of his abuse and false gospel.

Greater Moncton Churches and Apologetics

Times-and-TranscriptI had the opportunity to pick up the Times & Transcript newspaper over the weekend which is something I rarely do. I have been thinking about reading the weekly religious column produced by a variety of pastors/professors in the Moncton area for quite some time now however I have not devoted any time to its content.

The column this week was written by Richard Jackson who I have not had the pleasure of meeting. Richard is the pastor of First Moncton United Baptist Church here in the Moncton area. The article was about a young high school student who writes an opinion column in the T & T by the name of Isabelle Agnew. This lady, in the past, had critiqued Christians in her column but she is now attending a church and reading through the bible. The point that Jackson was making in this column was that the church should be open to dialogue and questions.  He writes:

Should not the church be a safe place where people can gather and discuss and debate without fear? Of all places, should not the church (which I believe can stand up under the closest scrutiny) invite people to investigate who we are and what we stand for in a loving and affirming environment…Let’s make our churches places of study and inquiry. Let’s invite people to investigate who we are and what we stand for.”

I appreciate Isabelle’s openness to search out these things and I pray that the Spirit of God will convict her of her sins and that she might come to know her sins forgiven through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am, for the most part, in agreement with what Jackson wrote in this column.  The only point I would have furthered in this small article was another question for the churches. It is fine to encourage people to ask questions and scrutinize but is your church ready for such a thing?  If someone was to come into your church and talk to the average church member, how would they fare in regards to expressing and defending their beliefs? This is what we refer to as “apologetics”.  Let me explain “apologetics” a little further.

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Mormons & The Watchtower Society Videos and an Update

early_watch_tower_coverI came across a series of videos by James White on the topics of Mormonism and the Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses) which I found useful for any christians out there who would like to know more about what these two religions believe. I could serve as a good introduction and might be helpful in responding to the claims that these groups make. You can access the videos here.

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