More Brian Borgman on Calvinism

Brian Borgman has done a number of great series on various theological doctrines and his preaching is certainly worth looking into. While he has done a series in the past on the doctrines of grace, I saw on Monergism that he has posted a new version of this series. It is a more complete version and I thought it would be worth sharing with you all.

Please also feel free to visit our theology section on the doctrines of grace to find further resources on these precious truths! I especially recommend John Piper’s series on T.U.L.I.P.

Brian Borgman Lectures on Eschatology

BrianBorgmanI have not posted much on eschatology these past few weeks so I thought before anyone goes into withdrawal that I would give a small resource to keep everyone happy. I had listened to a series of lectures by Brian Borgman on eschatology called What the Bible Says About the End Times. At this moment, it is a series of 6 lectures covereing such topics as Old Testament Eschatology, the fulfillment of this eschatology in the New Testament, the Already/Not Yet, the Intermediate State and finally the Millennium. The series was supposed to continue but at this present time seems to be on a hiatus. I’m certain that my readers will benefit from these lectures and it might be a useful tool to introduce people to an alternative view to eschatology in opposition to the ever popular pre rapture/premillennial dispensational view of prophecy. Brian Borgman (D.Min., Westminster Seminary) is founding pastor of Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada.