Infant Baptism Debate


infant baptism


There will be a debate in March on the subject of baptism between Gregg Strawbridge & James White. To access the details to this debate, please go here.

We also have a couple of other debates that Dr. White has done on the subject of baptism in our debate section.


The Great Debates Now on Youtube

If you are unaware of the Great Debate series, James White used to put on a yearly debate generally in the New York area with leading Roman Catholic Apologists on topics that were relating to the differences between Protestants & Roman Catholics. I have added to my debate page the two following debates on both the Marian Dogmas and Sola Scriptura between Dr. White and Gerry Matatics. These debates tackle some of the most foundational differences between our respective theologies and you will see the reasons behind the divide.

The Predestination Debate


I have been waiting for this debate for a very long time. These two gentlemen did a radio debate awhile back and I found it very good. I have witnessed Dr. White take many men to task on the subject of Calvinism but I will admit that Michael Brown has to date been one of the best defenders of the Arminian position (if you want to refer to it that way) that I have listened to. I hope this will be recorded in both audio and video format.

The “Burn the Qu’ran” Pastor is Going To Get Burned

I had a difficult time believing my eyes when I saw this news article. It seems Pastor Terry Jones, who we all know from the “burn the Qu’ran day” fiasco,  will be debating an Imam from Toronto by the name of Steve Rockwell. Granted that I’m not completely familiar with Pastor Jones, I was able to find some information on his theological training online and I’m tremendously concerned. I’m not convinced that Pastor Jones really knows what he’s getting himself into. I cannot find any information on previous debates that he has done hence I have to conclude that this is his first public debate. The debate topic is based upon the recent film “The Innocense of Muslims” which caused an uproar throughout the Middle East. There are far more important topics that need to be discussed between Muslims and Christians in a public setting and this film is not a priority. This debate is nothing more than an attempt to get people stirred up and for public display. I pray that this debate doesn’t take place and that Pastor Jones will find more biblical ways to “evangelize” Muslims and keep Sharia Law out of North America.

There are those who have experience in debating Muslims that are having far more productive dialogues in order to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the truth of Christianity to them. I feel that these men will give a far better argument for the faith than what Pastor Jones can ever imagine. I would recommend this website if you would like to see debates conducted with respect and integrity for both sides. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only means by which can bring nations together and not ignorant attacks on a faith.

Calvinism vs. Arminianism: The Debate Continues…

One of the most hotly debated topic among christians in recent times has been on the subject of Calvinism. The Southern Baptist Convention is tangled in this situation at the moment as well as several other denominations including Calvary Chapels. The question of God’s sovereignty in salvation is an important topic to explore, not merely on philosophical grounds, but mainly a thorough examination of scripture. When looking at the topic of Calvinism vs. Arminianism, many are confused just where to start dealing with these issues. I recall being quite perplexed at the whole debate and essentially put it aside for quite awhile before I had the desire to look into these important issues. It honestly didn’t take long once I began to examine the relevant texts to come to the conclusion that the bible teaches the doctrines of grace. The question is: How do I approach this and what literature might be available to help me sort through both sides of the debate? Here are a few thoughts!

Of course, prior to even beginning a study to this magnitude one must have a good grasp of scripture in general. I believe that the primary place we need to go to in order to settle this debate is in the pages of scripture. There are a number of texts that need to be examine and to list them all would take up the majority of this post. I think most would agree on the following especially in regards to the doctrine of election: On the Calvinist side I would recommend a thorough examination of John 6:37-44; Romans 8-11, Ephesians 1 and on the Arminian side 1 Timothy 2, 2 Peter 3 and yes, John 3.

With that said; there have been many books written in regards to the Calvinism/Arminianism debate. I remember reading Norman Geisler’s “Chosen but Free” along with James White’s “The Potter’s Freedom” which gave me a tremendously thorough understanding of the issues. I could also recommend the debate book between James White and Dave Hunt titled “Debating Calvinism” which, while filled with accusations of misinterpretation over and over again, there was still some useful information in this debate. A few years ago Intervarsity Press published two books dealing with this debate called “Why I am not an Arminian” (Peterson/Williams) & “Why I am not a Calvinist” (Walls/Dongell) so there is no shortage of books dealing with the issues surrounding the Doctrines of Grace.

There are lots of resources to go by and I believe that each of these resources would be helpful in understanding the subject matter a little better. I believe it is important to recognize that this is an in-house debate and a very important one since it affects the way we view God’s Sovereignty and freedom, man’s sinfulness, Christ’s atonement, the nature of grace and even how we evangelize the lost. I believe each scripture noted in this debate is important and should be examined carefully. The arguments presented by both side should be listened to carefully and also tested according to the scriptures.

I welcome any suggestions that you might have!