A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism

PinkI’m really unsure how long this book is going to be available for free in the eBook format hence I thought it might be worthwhile to post it here. The book is titled A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism by A.W. Pink. It is available on Sony, Kindle, PDF or Nook for all those who have an eReader or who prefer reading in PDF format. The book is an examination of dispensational teaching and Pink strives to critique the teaching and demonstrate its negative impact on the church as a whole.

The Charge of Antisemitism Against Calvinists

israel015Over the years there have been many charges made by Christians against myself and others who hold to the doctrines of grace. One of the most troubling charges that I have experienced is the claim by dispensational 4-point arminians who claim that those who hold to Covenant Theology are anti-Semitic. This is a very serious accusation that underlines a misunderstanding of what Calvinists believe[i]. I am certainly not anti-Semitic in my view of the current state of Israel in that I believe that the government in place is a better government than prior to the Israel becoming a recognized state. We appreciate the Jewish people and their perseverance in history as a great people. We also value the attempts at peace put forward by the Israeli government but at the same time we do not render them faultless. We would not want to assume too much since the political framework surrounding the Israel/Palestine behind the current conflicts is complex and we do not have all the details. We feel that this conflict in Gaza may not be resolved till the return of Jesus Christ.

With all this said, the charge of antisemitism doesn’t stem from political views but from theological views. The charge finds its foundation from the idea that if one believes that the land promises to possess Palestine is no longer valid then we must be anti-Semitic. As we have already mentioned, the accusation is generally made by those who promote dispensational theology which states that God will deal with Israel as a nation once again to fulfill promises that He has yet to realize. It also teaches that the current secular nation of Israel has rights to the land of Israel because of an Old Testament covenant promise.

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A Few Resources on Dispensationalism

ScofieldCIWhile I don’t have figures to back this up, in my experience there are quite a few churches in the Greater Moncton area that hold to a dispensational hermeneutic which in return leads into the dispensational premillennial pre-tribulational rapture eschatology. At least many would have a good understanding of this approach to scripture and probably some who hold to it but they are quite sure why.  This website recognizes that there are some very godly men who hold to this position yet we do not endorse this hermeneutic or this interpretation of eschatology since we feel it is in error.

I found a link on the confessin’ Baptist website that had a few interesting resources that I thought I would share. There are various video, audio and online book recommendations that were posted there and hence I thought I would share.

The Weekend Question: Hermeneutics

When I had originally began this blog I had began posting a series of posts called “The Weekend Question” where I wanted to hear the opinion from my readers as well as strike some discussion on various biblical topics. I thought that I would begin this again. Please feel free to take the poll and leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate on your answer.

What heremeneutic (method of interpretation) do you employ when reading the bible especially in light of the law and prophecy. There are many views which christians adhere to. This is an important question since it directs the way we approach the text since it provides a presupposition prior to interpreting the scriptures. While there are many views, amongst evangelicals, here are the primary: Dispensationalism, Progressive Dispensationalism, Covenant Theology and New Covenant Theology.

65 Years of Speculation by Dispensationalism and Counting:

I would generally use my Twitter account to post this type of information however I wanted to make a point to make this information as visible as possible.

Gary Demar just posted that today marks the 65th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation again which has fuelled prophetic speculations about such things as the secret rapture, the great tribulation and the millennium all within 40+ years after this event. The importance of this event to Hal Lindsey and those who share in his prophetic outlook cannot be diminished. While I don’t agree with Demar on many interpretations of prophetic scriptures, this article is definitely worth a read! this article

Where to Begin Studying Prophecy?

end_of_the_roadThe study of eschatology is a long process that takes much more effort than most people realize. This is exactly the reason why many individuals simply don’t bother with addressing what the bible says about the last days. They feel intimidated by the many subjects that need to be addressed in the study of eschatology and how to bring them all together in a systematic way. Many people simply settle with whatever view their church teaches and accept that was the biblical teaching on eschatology.  I have actually met folks who simply don’t know that any other view exists and they are content with their church’s view or the Left Behind book series.

Needless to say, the bible is saturated in eschatology and hence the study of this important subject is relevant in many other areas of our theology. The question is:  where to begin?  There are numerous books written by various individuals on the subject of prophecy and honestly who has enough time to filter through all these books?

When I was beginning to look at the subject of biblical eschatology, I got some advice from a brother on which books to purchase in order to get a better understanding of what the bible teaches regarding prophecy. The books were fantastic but they only gave me one specific eschatological view and I wanted to explore many. Throughout the years I have picked up several books on various different positions. I thought it might be useful to share some of these books with my readers especially for those who would like to get a better grasp of the different positions available. I understand that I have an entire section on this website on eschatology however this is representing mainly the Amillennial position.  With that said, the recommendations I am making are of the more well-known eschatological positions and my readers should be aware that there are varying views outside of these.

I understand that not everyone wants to delve as deep into the subject as some others and also that not everyone has the time to do so. I thought it would be a good idea to divide the recommendations into three categories mainly an introductory category & intermediate reading. The book descriptions are taken from various website and not my own.

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