Douglas Wilson on Postmillennialism

heaven-misplaced-christs-kingdom-on-earth-douglas-wilson-paperback-cover-artWhile I have my disagreements with both Douglas Wilson and the Postmillennial eschatological position, I still found this blog post by Wilson very interesting. Wilson shares with his readers how he came to embrace the postmillennial eschatological position. It’s very interesting how he links together the various people and theologies that had influenced him to embrace his “optmillennial” understanding of scripture. He does make the point at the end of the post that all eschatological positions can be both optimistic or pessimistic. The label of prophetic pessimism has been used in the past by many postmillennialist as a sort of caricature of other millennial positions. I appreciate Wilson’s honesty on this one. Enjoy!

A Conference Weekend

richard-barcellos1There were several conferences going on this past weekend from a reformed Christian perspective with some being more well-known than others. This doesn’t mean that the Lesser known conferences were any less important and I thought I would share at least two very interesting ones that were held at this time..

The first was a conference called the Keach conference which was put on by the Reformed Baptist Fellowship of Virginia in the U.S. It had as its theme this year “of God’s Covenants” which was a talk on the London Baptist Confession of 1689 and chapter 7. The main speaker for this event was Dr. Richard Barcellos. For those who would be interested, the audio presentation for this conference is available here.

originalThe second conference I would like to mention is the Desiring God conference which had as its theme The Romantic Rationalist: God, Life, and Imagination in the Work of C.S. Lewis. There were multiple speakers involved including John Piper, Doug Wilson, Kevin Vanhoozer and Randy Alcorn. The video for the conference can be viewed here.

Last night I had the opportunity to watch a live streaming discussion between Douglas Wilson and John Piper on the topic of Christian Culture. There were several controversial topics discussed  which are usually ignored due to the fact that they can bring much tension to the table. Both men were exceptionally gracious and there were several things said that really convicted me. How often do we ignore cultural issues because we don’t think it’s any of our business? These men discussed exactly why we must never ignore these cultural issues. When the video is posted from this discussion I will link to it for others to watch.

Douglas Wilson Quote

heaven-misplaced-christs-kingdom-on-earth-douglas-wilson-paperback-cover-artWhile I’m not entirely in agreement with Doug’s eschatological position, I appreciated the following quote:

We tend to veer into one of two errors in our view of future history. Either we plunge into a very exciting study of the “end times” and become consumed with the book of Revelation and newspaper reports about the European Union, killer bees, trouble in the Middle East, and so forth; or we dismiss the whole thing with a wave of the hand and a joke–and it is usually the same joke. “I’m a pan-millennialist”. Everything will pan out in the end.” But much more is involved in this subject that the particular “chronology” we set for the events of the end of the world.