It’s the End of the Word as We Know It!

While many people are signalling the end of the world due to the outbreak of Ebola, blood red moons, ISIS and the release of the Left Behind movie starring Nicholas Cage, an even greater event has just happened to trigger the end. If anyone has listened to Dr. James White for any period of time, you know that there is one topic that everyone wants him to discuss but that he utterly refuses and that is eschatology. Well, believe it or not, today Dr. White discussed the topic of eschatology from an Amillennial perspective.


The Age to Come

last daysWhile I have not personally read the book The Last Days: A Christian View of History (You can order it here) as of yet , I found this sample of a chapter of the book and I felt the materials were extremely useful in understanding what the New Testament refers to when it speaks of “this age” and “the age to come”. This is the 6th chapter written by D.A. Carson titled “Partaker in the Age to Come” and gives a great overview of the mentioned topic.

All Israel will be Saved

venemaI had just added this article to the Amillennialism website that we created to store our eschatology resources but I thought it would be worthy of a mention here.

Here is an expanded version of the discussion found in Cornelis Venema’s book “The Promise of the Future” on the identity of Israel and exactly how all Israel will be saved. It  provides a good treatment of the importance of understanding what Paul meant by “All Israel will be saved” found in Romans 11:26 from an Amillennial perspective.

Our New Website on Amillennialism

imagesThe posting on this blog has been limited over the last few weeks due to working on another project over the summer. It has been much work and lots of research however today we are tremendously happy to introduce to you this project in the form of a new website that we have created that is solely focused on the topic of eschatology. The Website is simply titled Amillennialism.

While there are large websites on other eschatological positions, there are very few that offer resources on this biblical understanding of prophetic scriptures. The new website will offer many of the resources including articles, books, audio and video from the best authors and speakers on the eschatological position known as Amillennialism. We had previously suggested several resources on this website but the organization of the materials was left desired. We decided to move our materials for the study of eschatology to this new website and add much more.

We are still adding new materials and we are in search of good materials that reflect this eschatological position. We welcome any suggestions you might have of resources that promote Amillennialism.


Cooling Off the Rapture Fever

christreturnedWith people looking to Israel right now, the wars going on around the world and the break of Ebola, people are all fired up about the coming secret rapture. To top this off, a the reboot of the Left Behind films is coming soon and this surely will being about some interest on the subject as well.

Justin Taylor posted a good blog article today on nine arguments against the pre-tribulation secret rapture. While these are standard arguments, there are other resources available in the post that may be useful to understanding the issues surrounding this theory and why it isn’t biblical.


The Purpose and Effect of Your Views on Prophecy

man-with-binocularsWhile we try not to generalize when we make comments on a blog about a particular theological position, sometimes it is difficult to think of the “exception to the rule”. I would like my readers to remember this point while I write this small post.

There are many people who miss the mark when it comes to our understanding of the purpose of eschatology. They somehow believe that the texts in both the Old and New Testament were written to just give us some knowledge about how things are going to end. Some of this knowledge, in their view, has nothing at all to do with us and is left to a future generation or a completely other group of people. What most prophecy students miss is the purpose of giving this information and how it essentially should affect us.

I have met many individuals whose eschatological understanding causes them to retreat from everything around them in some fatalistic fashion. They cannot be bothered by their surroundings and attempt to escape their current age by retreating and waiting for the end. We merely need to look to Israel and ignore our surroundings to get a glimpse of the end. There are others who become almost overly involved in the culture. Their hyper optimism is seen in their quest to take over the world through political, social and economic means all the while arguing that their eschatology is one that brings forth cultural regeneration. There are a number of other views and affects to our eschatological position that could be mentioned. The questions we must think through is what does the bible say about eschatology and how does it affect me today?

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Kim Riddlebarger Reviews Sam Storm’s Kingdom Come

Kim-RiddlebargerI had been anticipating a review of Sam Storm’s eschatology book Kingdom Come by Kim Riddlebarger for quite some time now. I believe he had mentioned that he was working on it during the summer and it finally has arrived. Obviously Riddlebarger is an expert on the subject of Amillennialism and hence his review is very much appreciated! Click here to read the review.

Brian Borgman Lectures on Eschatology

BrianBorgmanI have not posted much on eschatology these past few weeks so I thought before anyone goes into withdrawal that I would give a small resource to keep everyone happy. I had listened to a series of lectures by Brian Borgman on eschatology called What the Bible Says About the End Times. At this moment, it is a series of 6 lectures covereing such topics as Old Testament Eschatology, the fulfillment of this eschatology in the New Testament, the Already/Not Yet, the Intermediate State and finally the Millennium. The series was supposed to continue but at this present time seems to be on a hiatus. I’m certain that my readers will benefit from these lectures and it might be a useful tool to introduce people to an alternative view to eschatology in opposition to the ever popular pre rapture/premillennial dispensational view of prophecy. Brian Borgman (D.Min., Westminster Seminary) is founding pastor of Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada.

Where to Begin Studying Prophecy?

end_of_the_roadThe study of eschatology is a long process that takes much more effort than most people realize. This is exactly the reason why many individuals simply don’t bother with addressing what the bible says about the last days. They feel intimidated by the many subjects that need to be addressed in the study of eschatology and how to bring them all together in a systematic way. Many people simply settle with whatever view their church teaches and accept that was the biblical teaching on eschatology.  I have actually met folks who simply don’t know that any other view exists and they are content with their church’s view or the Left Behind book series.

Needless to say, the bible is saturated in eschatology and hence the study of this important subject is relevant in many other areas of our theology. The question is:  where to begin?  There are numerous books written by various individuals on the subject of prophecy and honestly who has enough time to filter through all these books?

When I was beginning to look at the subject of biblical eschatology, I got some advice from a brother on which books to purchase in order to get a better understanding of what the bible teaches regarding prophecy. The books were fantastic but they only gave me one specific eschatological view and I wanted to explore many. Throughout the years I have picked up several books on various different positions. I thought it might be useful to share some of these books with my readers especially for those who would like to get a better grasp of the different positions available. I understand that I have an entire section on this website on eschatology however this is representing mainly the Amillennial position.  With that said, the recommendations I am making are of the more well-known eschatological positions and my readers should be aware that there are varying views outside of these.

I understand that not everyone wants to delve as deep into the subject as some others and also that not everyone has the time to do so. I thought it would be a good idea to divide the recommendations into three categories mainly an introductory category & intermediate reading. The book descriptions are taken from various website and not my own.

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